NikkiReviewsItRating 4 out of 5:

For 26 dollars this little speaker impresses(and I do mean little!). This speaker is a small square and is smaller than a woman’s palm of her hand. The audio is clear and most importantly for me the bass is nice for such a small speaker. The only con to this speaker is that it does not get really loud so if you want something you can hear over say a super loud blender(like my ninja) this is not the speaker for you. If you want something for a workout/shower or for light cleaning this is a good speaker. This has a strap so you can take it with you to say the poolside but it wont be loud enough for everyone to hear just your table/chairs and close by.

The speaker itself is well made but if you cover up the front side it sounds extremely muffled which suggests to me that most sound comes from just one side because if I cover the back side there is no muffling. However for the price this is a nice portable speaker the audio is clear for most audio I played with a range from In Flames/Coheed and Cambria to Alicia Keys to Trina/Lil Wayne. Overall this speaker is a good deal and it gets a lot of use in the shower at my house. I received this speaker for free in exchange for my honest review. Amazon Link