NikkiReviewsItRating 5 out of 5:

I recently got 2 new panels of black out curtains to review and these things really impressed me. They have a cute European city block design and they really do block out about 85% of the light as their advertisement says. These curtains were easy to hang but you do need a rod you cannot hang them with loops. These are extremely lightweight especially if you are use to black out curtains these will really surprise you. The back lining is a nice silver that almost has a silk textile feel to it and these curtains impress every time I look at them. My house guests always compliment them and I think they are reasonably priced at 35 dollars(price at time of purchase). Amazon Link

Just a side note but I really love the length as well these are not full length so they do not go all the way to the floor in fact they stop a few feet above which is fantastic for our house. We live in North Dakota and we have what are called base-board heaters so they are heaters that run against the whole length of the wall so floor length curtains can be a hazard so this was a very nice touch. I received this set of curtains for free in exchange for my honest review.