NikkiReviewsItRating 4 out of 5:

I recently had the chance to try  a full month’s supply of these new Zocular acne wipes. They come in these orange small containers with 15 in each one and they have a convenient pull down tab at the bottom so you do not have to reach inside the package every time.

These are extremely easy to use you just open the individually wrapped package and take out the wipe that is heavily saturated then wash your face with it like you would any other facial wipe. Best of all you do NOT rinse your face when you’re done. You just wait a few minutes and it will be completely dry and you are ready to put your make-up on or whatever your normal beauty routine is.

I suffer from adult acne and I have for most of my adult life(I am 32 now). I normally break out in clusters on the base of my nose, my cheeks at the tip of my cheek bones, my chin and forehead. After 1 week of using the zocular wipes I saw dramatic improvement in my recently broken out face and all my old acne was cleared right up. Now since my acne is hormonal I knew it would come back even with the wipes but surprisingly my face stayed pretty clear until close to week 3.

Around week 3 I had a break out but it was different than normal because it was not clustered with a lot in one area instead it was just one or two pimples in one or 2 areas so it was actually way easier to cover up with make-up and it cleared up WAY faster than normal. Honestly in terms of results this is a 5 star product. I would use this every day for the rest of my life if the price was not so high.

Now for the con to this product the price. A one month supply of this(at least I think it is 1 month since the website is not very clear) is 35 dollars. That means that this wipe costs you more than 1 dollar a day. That is very expensive for a brand I had never heard of and honestly their website leaves a lot to be desired. It is hard to navigate, doesn’t offer a lot of information on their specific product and it didn’t say the wipe count in the cart when I was eye-balling the price. If they revamp their site for ease of use and lower their price I would wholeheartedly recommend these wipes. I received this one month supply of zocular wipes for free in exchange for my honest review. Zocular site