NikkiReviewsItRating 4 out of 5:

I had the chance to try a full sized bag of Stewart Raw Natural Freeze Dried Dog Food in chicken flavor for my baby boy Tico who is a 6 lb chihuahua. The bag is a decent size giving him nearly 2 full weeks of meals for a dog his size and just like the last Stewart freeze dried product we tried he loved it. Tico gobbled this food right up I did not even have to get him used to it first like I normally do. A diet of freeze dried food has a lot of benefits to your dog especially the fact that it is all natural and does not contain all the added things bagged and canned food do.

However I was a little worried that the list of ingredients for this dog food one is garlic which is actually toxic to dogs in human doses so I always avoid feeding it to my dog when possible but it is very common to find it in dog food to my surprise.

Also one thing that is really off putting for this product is the price. This bag is 25 dollars on amazon (although they do offer other retailers) and that is for the 12 oz size. So if you have a large dog I do not think this bag will even last a week at 25 dollars. For a smaller dog this is a little more reasonable because my dog loves it and the bag can last about 2 weeks of twice a day meals.(I used the recommend feeding chart for his size on the back of the bag).

Overall the food was easy to use, easy to get my dog to eat and I noticed he was a lot happier around meal time than usual. I received this bag of freeze dried dog food for free in exchange for my honest review. Stewart Pets Link