NikkiReviewsItRating 5 out of 5:

I absolutely love this aromatherapy necklace. The pendant itself is well made, attractive and sleek and completely stainless steel. The pendant opens up (but only a little) just enough to change the felt pads that Fivefold Fox was nice enough to include 8 different colors to match your style changes. You just take your favorite essential oil and apply a few drops on the pad then close the pendant and you are good to go. The chain the pendant goes on is a darker silver look with little metal beads on it and it is unique and attractive but if you do not like it you can use any chain of your choice. This chain does hang pretty low hitting right at the top of my cleavage so be aware of that if you do not like low hanging necklaces you will want your own chain.

Even if we take the chain out of the equation I still fully recommend this necklace on the pendant alone. I love stainless steel and this pendant will last for years. I think 20 dollars(price at time of purchase) is a reasonable asking price because this thing is just so beautiful in person. This does not come in a box if you plan to gift but it does come in a nice velvet like bag with a Fivefold Fox logo and the pendant, the chain, and the felt pads all come in their own little plastic bag inside the felt bag. This really is a beautiful piece and you could even take it and have the back engraved for that extra personal touch. If you have an aromatherapy lover or even someone who would just love this design this is a fantastic gift choice! I received this necklace for free in exchange for my honest review. Amazon Link