NikkiReviewsItRating 4 out of 5:

These markers really surprised me because they do not bleed through the pages of my adult coloring books unless I let it sit on one spot. These have 2 tips one fine for coloring or drawing and one brush for coloring the larger areas. This has 24 different colors and they are pretty vibrant. These come in a reusable case that I have no issues storing the markers in but over time it will probably get damaged.

The main issue with these markers is that the color of the marker and the color of the tips are not exactly the same. In fact some of them are so far off you really have no idea what color it is going to be until you start using it. There are 2 markers in particular that look like they are going to be white by the appearance of the tip but one is in fact a peach color and the other is a silver/greyish color. However even with that issue I thoroughly enjoyed coloring with these markers.

I had 2 markers of the 24 that a little piece of the brush marker feathered off but it did not damage the marker or my coloring page it was just very similar to regular markers when they start to shed at the tip. I do think the price of 24 dollars is a bit high making each marker 1 dollar a piece and I think this should be more in the 16 dollar range. Overall I am impressed with this set and would recommend it to anyone that wants something they can color or draw with 2 different tips. I received this marker set for free in exchange for my honest review. Amazon Link