NikkiReviewsItRating 5 out of 5: I love this pet carrier!

I wont lie I am really cheap and normally I would never say any bag is worth 50 dollars(except maybe my favorite purse) but ladies and gentlemen this pet carrier blew me away. I have had pet carriers in the past that were super thin and hard to carry but that is a thing of the past. This bag is extremely well made it has quality stitching throughout the entire bag as well as quality materials and zippers. The zippers are very easy to maneuver and the mesh screen is not actually mesh! The screens are like a hard rubberized material so your pets will not scratch it up. This has 3 screens for the pets to see through that all cover up if they get scared. The screens are located one on each side and one at the top as seen in the stock photo.

This bag also has a neat leash feature inside that you can hook your pets collar to so there is no fear of them jumping out of the bag and running off and there are storage pockets for treats. If you travel with your pets and need a TSA approved pet carry this is the bag you want. This bag is thick and it comes with 2 normal carry handles or a removable long carry strap. It also comes with a velvet lined base that is also removable to make your pet more comfortable. This can fit a 10 lb pet with ease but if more than 15 lbs you may have issues. This bag is phenomenal people you will not regret this purchase. In fact I can fit my 27lb beast of a cat inside this with no issues and the bag does not give or faulter in any way but the cat is not comfortable so I would highly recommend you do not do that =P. I received this bag for free in exchange for my honest review. Amazon Link

Oh just an added note this bag is super stylish for a carry on 🙂