NikkiReviewsItRating 5 out of 5:

These foam mats are perfect for a large variety of things; this is a pack of 4 that are completely reversible. I chose the ones that have blue on one side and black on the other to go with my home decor. I currently have one under my desk and I find it to be much more comfortable than the carpet for my feet which are my main pain area. I have the other 3 in my kitchen running the length from my oven to my sink and it has made a huge difference on my feet. These can be used underneath your exercise equipment and I am even considering another pack to go underneath my treadmill and one pack for my elliptical. These mats are thick (3/4 inch) and provide a good amount of cushion. If you like to do yoga indoors you could even use these for that or even line a whole room with them and have your own workout room ready to go.

These are actually very competitively priced at 36 dollars for a pack of 4. They are thick, comfortable and so far durable. These are interlocking and fit pretty tightly. Overall I am impressed with this set of mats and would personally recommend them to my friends and family whether they think they need it or not =P. I received these mats for free in exchange for my honest review. Amazon Link