NikkiReviewsItRating 3 out of 5:

I recently had the chance to try out this new 2 in 1 hair tool that I will call the Wave Styler throughout my review. This tool can be used to create waves in your hair or to straighten it(if you do not use the twist button). I found that personally this is better for making waves than straightening but it is nice to have the added option either way.

At first glance it looks like a really nice product. It has a good amount of weight to it, easy to see and understand buttons and it has a swivel cord. However it does not have a temperature control(big con) and I think it really is meant more for fine hair. I have thick, long and coarse hair. When I heat style I normally have to use max temperatures of 450F to achieve the look I am going for. This tool goes to about 410F which is not ideal for my hair but I used it anyways.

You are suppose to section your hair out into quite a few parts and then take one section at a time place it in the base plates at the top of where you want the wave to start. You then press the left or right button and it will start twirling your hair in that direction while heating it up. You slowly move the styler down your hair section and you will see the section taking shape as a decently tight wave. The smaller the section the tighter the wave will be so if you want loose beachy waves you need to do thicker sections of hair.

It is currently selling for 35 dollars which is pretty reasonable for a styling tool but personally I think this is designed more for women with really fine hair. When I use this I end up pretty much with crimped hair. After you make the twists you are suppose to let your hair set for about 10 minutes then you pull the waves apart well every time I pull it apart my hair ends up looking crimped. This is not really a look I care for but if you are having a flat no volume hair dye this tool is phenomenal! I used this then brushed my hair out and my hair was so much thicker(and it is normally really thick) I mean my hair must’ve been at least doubled in thickness. Best of all the results lasted all day long and even AFTER I took a shower.

I did find this tool to be a little difficult to use just because the left and right buttons and the clamp are not in the best positions. The clamp gets in the way during use and I did sometimes accidentally press left when I wanted right because I was working the tool while looking in the mirror. Also my husband noted that it smells like burning hair when I use this which I think was actually the plates and not my hair causing the smell. Overall for the price range this wave styler is okay but I wouldn’t be raving about it to my friends. It comes nicely packaged making it easy to gift and it has a convenient auto-off feature after 60 minutes of being on. I received this item for free in exchange for my honest review. Amazon Link