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These are my new favorite bath sponges and they are much softer against my delicate and sensitive skin than the regular mesh ones you buy at your mass retailers. Can I buy cheaper sponges? Yes of course at 10.95(price at time of purchase) these come out to 2.74 each so that does not seem like a stretch to me especially since you are getting a larger and more quality sponge than what you would pay up to 3 dollars for at walmart.

The distinguishing feature of this sponge is the fact that it is mesh like all the others but the outside edge is completely covered in lace. Why would I want lace? you might ask yourself well I had no idea either but I am glad I tried one because the lace outside edge makes these much softer on your skin and it lets the sponge lather up better. Is this sponge really large? I see that a lot in the negative reviews where people say it is no bigger than their cheapo walmart sponges well I don’t know what walmart/target they shop at because my Shower Bouquet sponges are significantly bigger. These are about 20% bigger than your 1-3 dollar sponges you will find in bargain bins at walmart and much softer. I have had no issues with these unraveling or falling apart but I do throw away my loofahs after a month for sanitary reasons(I recommend everyone do the same) and I do not share them with any family members(we all have our own).

The only con at all to this product is the handle. It feels like it is made out of the same stuff your clothing tags are made out of. It is durable enough but I find it a little harder to hang compared to normal rope handles and it was harder for me to get on my hand at first. Overall I am very happy with this set of loofahs and if I was going to gift some to my sister or friends this is what they will want. I received this item for free in exchange for my honest review. Amazon Link