NikkiReviewsItRating 4 out of 5:

Ladies this product actually works and the results and product I would rate 5 stars fantastic! That being said the actual practicality leaves something to be desired I will explain. This lip plumper is extremely easy to use you just apply it in the morning and at night before bed just like you would any other chapstick. The first 3 days I used this I had the tingling slightly burning sensation that really feels like your lips are chapped(on the outside when you lick your lips too much and it gets sore). The instructions are very clear that you will experience this and that it will subside with frequent use and it certainly did not even a full week later and the symptoms are gone. This maxi lip also leaves your lips looking very shiny which I love and they actually feel much more hydrated than before.

I have been using this everyday for a full month and my lips definitely look better and I would say in this last week it has gotten more noticeable to how they looked before. That being said they do not necessarily look plump but they are larger than what I was working with which was some really thin lips so overall I am very VERY pleased with the results.

Now for the con to this product. When you use this product you know that tingling feeling I was telling you about? Well if you kiss anyone your husband or kids while you have this product on they will experience that same uncomfortable feeling. In fact I kissed my husband for less than 3 seconds before I remembered I had it on and he immediately felt it and came home from work complaining. Now if you can get everyone out the door before you put this on you wont have any issues but if you like to kiss and hug everyone before they go off and you forget you may have some complaints coming your way =P. Overall I am very happy with this lip plumper even at a 20 dollar price point and mine is still pretty full even after a month so I may get 2 months of use out of one tube maybe even 3. I received this item for free in exchange for my honest review. Amazon Link