NikkiReviewsItRating 3 out of 5: Main issue price

Okay ladies I really enjoy this full body exfoliator but the price point of 40 dollars is way too high. In fact I would argue that this is more a 10 dollar product. Now this is pretty decently made with thick materials and a very nice scraper but honestly I would never pay anywhere close to 40 dollars for this. Does this exfoliate my skin? Yes it does but not any different than regular exfoliators in fact it is a bit more abrasive than say a konjac sponge. Now that being said I absolutely love the way this feels against my skin. This is used similar to a shaving motion you just run it up or down your skin basically scraping it across and it will help to remove the loose dead skin on the surface of your body. The reason I love this is because I suffer from pretty bad anxiety and so when I have bad days I get in the shower and use this and it really feels like I am just scraping all the bad off of me and it is really relaxing.

Now the directions say do not use this on open wounds or eczema or psoriasis well I did it anyways and on my legs my eczema has significantly improved since using this. In fact I had a really bad spot on my leg for more than 2 months and we tried everything to get rid of it(my husband and I) and this was the only thing that worked. I was pretty amazed so maybe if I had seen the results first hand I would consider 40 dollars but even then I just think it is a bit of a stretch. I received this item for free in exchange for my honest review. le edge website