NikkiReviewsItRating 3 out of 5:

My first take on this rope when it came was that I really liked it. It was thin and lightweight enough to replace my last speed rope. However this has a few issues. First the handles are a bit more lightweight than I wanted, the adjustment mechanism does not work for really short people(5’5) I have to actually cut off the excess or it will significantly get in my way which means no one else can use my rope but me but that is okay since I am the only rope user in my household. Also this is a speed rope and like 2 of my others it is very thin so that means if you are really going fast and accidentally hit yourself it is going to hurt I wont lie. You really should be familiar with a speed rope before considering this one they are a great addition to a workout but they can certainly cause you a lot of grief.

I have read a lot of reviews on this rope about people accidentally stepping on it while roping(which happens) and the hardware flying off. I have not had that issue yet but I am fairly short and do not usually step on the rope when I get going so I cannot comment on that biggest negative but I can tell you that I can completely see that as possible because when you really get your speed up with a rope it is going hard and fast and a little screw underneath all your weight at that speed probably wont hold. The price for this rope is decent(10 dollars price at time of purchase) and is actually 5 dollars cheaper than my last adjustable rope and this comes with a bag. So for me personally this rope gets the job done but I hate that I have to cut off the excess because I am so short which does make it adjustable just not re-adjustable if that makes sense. I received this item for free in exchange for my honest review. Amazon Link