NikkiReviewsItRating 5 out of 5:

Okay this thing really impressed me! It comes in a nice box making it easy to gift and before I even had it out of the box completely I was impressed by how soft and comfortable the material is. The outside coating is like a pleather but it is extremely smooth to the touch and doesn’t stick to my skin which I love. On top of that this thing gives a really good, deep and hard massage. So if like me you really enjoy a DEEP massage this is for you. This thing is amazing I can just put it around my neck or hold it with the side arms while I move it up and down my back for a great massage. I really like to wrap it around my lower back this thing really gets the deep massage I love. Also you can control the heat but I actually prefer no heat at the moment because it’s like 100 degrees outside so I can’t comment on that yet but I will update if I have any issues when we approach winter.

Now I personally love this thing but my husband hates it which is really sad because he is the one I got it for because he suffers from really bad back pain. He thinks it is too rough and hard but he is really thin and bony compared to me(I am plus size). Normally I would rate something lower based on his opinion but guys I really LOVE this thing. I thought for sure 50 dollars was going to be too much for a massager but nope if I had gotten this as a gift I would be extremely happy.

All that being said it does have a few slight issues. First the cord is extremely short and I had to purchase a DC connector extension cord for 7 dollars from amazon. The cord is too short to comfortably use this on the couch or bed without being really close to the outlet so be aware. Also this is made to wrap around you and stay but I really think the weight of the massager is too much for you to comfortably let hang. So what I do is I actually hold the arms while it is around me or put my arms through it and wear it kind of like a scarf but I prefer it that way because I feel like it can get deeper. Now the balls on this are really big and the actual massager mechanism is large, heavy and bulky so you cannot use this while sitting back or lying down(on the device) you can put this on and lay the opposite side(where the device is not at). Overall I absolutely love this and if I had paid full price I would still love it except that the cord is short. I received this item for free in exchange for my honest review. Amazon Link