NikkiReviewsItRating 4 out of 5:

This was 16 dollars at time of purchase and for that price this is a pretty nice charging station. It can charge 4 devices at once or even more if you use those split chargers. I think the thing I like the best about this station is that I can actually sit one of my devices on the top and watch it while it charges so if you are watching a movie or something you can just lay it on there. It fits my phone with ease and even my large tablet. This charges faster than some of my older stations but just as fast as my 2 newest quick charging ones. The plastic is thick and sturdy and a very sleek black that I really like. However this has one con and that is the outlet plug is really short(for me at least) it is only 3.2 feet that may be fine for people who put this on their desk where the outlet is really close but for my personal use I would have preferred at least 5 feet. I received this item for free in exchange for my honest review. Amazon Link