NikkiReviewsItRating 4 out of 5:

I really like this make-up organizer and if the top piece was thicker acrylic I would give this 5 stars and rave on it all day. That being said this is a good organizer. The drawer piece and the top are 2 separate pieces and the drawers have a lot of room in them. I can easily fit powder make-ups and eye-shadows stacked up inside with no issues. They seem pretty well built and this whole set together has some real weight to it so if you need something you can easily move around from room to room this is not it.

The top piece can hold a lot more than my old make-up organizer. I was able to fit a lot of nail brushes in the 4 squares and quite a bit of nail polishes in the 3 rows on the left hand side. The large open area on the right can fit anything loose that you need that is large like face creams or serums. Overall I am very happy with this organizer I just wish the top was connected instead of loose but at the same time the fact that it is loose can be a pro because you can just take it with you if you store your must-have get to quick make-up on it. The top piece does fit onto the bottom with a little groove so it isn’t just loosely laying on there in case you were worried. Any woman would welcome this in her life for her organizing needs. I received this item discounted in exchange for my honest review. Amazon Link