NikkiReviewsItRating 5 out of 5:

20 dollars for 2 pair of scissors is a good deal alone(I paid 26 for 2 different brand pieces at walmart) and these will blow you away. First impressions are that these are amazing they come in the most beautifully packaged case that is inside another box these are very lovely to gift. On top of that these include a small tube of oil for care too. I have never had a real quality set of hair scissors and never a pair that was adjustable and man do I love these! These are not even advertised as amazing quality they are recommended for a target audience of home hair cutters and beginning cosmetology students. I know when my sister was in cosmetology school she would have LOVED these.

These are sharp and cut very uniform and the thinning shears work way better than my last 2 pairs they give a nice thin instead of being all blocky like some can. It is really hard to say things about shears but I promise you will be blown away by these scissors at this price. I would have never expected such a nice set and case! The only thing to know is that these have protective circles in the handles that you have to remove because at first I thought they were extremely small holes like for children but then I noticed it had the removable circles(I am such a ditz sometimes!). I used these to cut my dogs hair and to give myself some new layers. I received this item for free in exchange for my honest review. Amazon Link