NikkiReviewsItRating 4 out of 5:

This is a big bag of activated charcoal and Moody Zook sure knows how to do charcoal! This bag is sealed 3 times in 3 different bags to prevent accidental spills because believe me this stuff is hard to clean. So when I got my bag the first thing I did was start with the teeth cleaning idea. All you do is put a little on your toothbrush and brush your teeth like normal and rinse then your teeth will start to look whiter. I do this about every 3 days I was doing it every day at first but it was irritating my gums not from the charcoal but from brushing my teeth so much. This is not for fresh breath so you still have to brush regularly this is just to help your teeth look whiter. So right away I thought I was noticing a difference but after 3 weeks I can say yep activated charcoal on your teeth works very well! This is not a miracle overnight worker but you will start to see a shade by shade difference with continued use and I am very pleased so far with this as teeth whitener. I would recommend you use a separate toothbrush for this though because it will stain it black.

Now the main reason I am giving this 4 stars. So on the back of the bag it is advertised as a way to do an at home charcoal mask so I said hey lets try that I love masks! It was super easy to make just use some charcoal, a little oil(I used coconut oil) and some water and mix it up then slather it on your face. It was super easy to follow the directions and apply and it felt nice. Well here is the problem nowhere on the bag does it mention just how big of a pain it is to clean this stuff up. So here I am people more than 2 full weeks later and my shower(not porcelain) is still black in some areas at the bottom and that is after scrubbing with bleach! So I have to take a star off just because I would have appreciated some kind of warning that this stuff is ridiculously hard to get off if you use the mask way. Also it took nearly 15 minutes of constant scrubbing to get it off my face(my husband supervised).

Overall I am always pleased with Moody Zook and would definitely recommend them to anyone in the market for charcoal products. This bag is high quality and it does what it says! I received this item for free in exchange for my honest review.(18 dollar price point at time of purchase) Amazon Link