NikkiReviewsItRating 2 out of 5:

Unfortunately these headphones did not perform at all how I needed them to. They do have a nice audio and they are very comfortable tp wear a long time but they are extremely choppy and get extreme interference from anything. One huge pro though is these sync very fast and flawlessly the best of any bluetooth device I have owned to date. These sync with my Ipod, S7, PC and tablet with ease in less than 5 seconds every single time.

When the audio is stable these are phenomenal the highs and lows are clear and it has a pretty decent bass for a 20 dollar price point(price at time of purchase). In fact I would say this has one of the best audio of any bluetooth device I have had really 5 star audio for a 20 dollar price point. The noise cancellation is also really fantastic for a pair of in ear earphones and the battery lasts a long while.

These seem pretty well made and the volume up/down, skip song, song back buttons are very easy to reach and use. However the sync button is extremely responsive and kind of in the way they should have put that on the other bud because whenever I try to change songs I accidentally unpair the device or if I try to adjust the volume I accidentally hang up on my call. Another thing is this is extremely choppy for phone calls. My call recipients say that I cut in and out constantly when using this set of earphones although they sound clear and crisp to me. These are easy to get in your ear and to adjust but they cut out too much for me to personally recommend them. If I sync my phone or Ipod and walk away even just 3 feet it starts to get choppy and if I go more than 10 feet it just completely cuts out and in VERY often. Maybe I received a defective pair who can say. I received this item for free in exchange for my honest review. Amazon Link