NikkiReviewsItRating 5 out 5: Tico loves these so much!!

I recently had the opportunity to review some 100% chicken liver treats for dogs and my chihuahua Tico loved them so much. He is normally very picky and only likes really small and soft treats so I was worried when I first saw them that he would not care for it. I took one out and gave it to him and first he grabbed it and spit it out like he normally does with stuff he doesn’t like. Well a few seconds later he went back to it and licked some more then ate it. After that he comes running whenever he hears the bucket!

These are a little on the expensive side between 17-25 dollars for a 3 oz bucket of freeze dried treats but these are 100% pure and they equal to 12 oz of liver before freeze drying. The cost is justified because your dog will absolutely love these! I plan to buy them again at full price he loved them so much. If you love your dogs as much as I do you will not regret this purchase. 🙂  These are sold at multiple retailers as well as online so head over to their site for a look!  Site Link