NikkiReviewsItRating 4 out of 5:

I have been using this rosehip oil twice a day for nearly 2 full months and I would like to tell you my experience. First off this oil is a little yellowish in color but goes on pretty clear and surprisingly absorbs fast for an oil. It has a faint smell that I can’t quite place but it isn’t gross or anything. So I used this as a stretch mark oil(think vitamin E grandmas old miracle cure) for 2 months. After a week I started to notice the marks I have near my breasts on the upper sides were getting significantly lighter. After a month it was really noticeable to me so I decided to try an experiment. I continued using the oil on one side and not the other. Well from my personal experience this oil works but you must use it all the time because the color in my right side came back to my stretch marks while the side I was using it on continued to improve. So my conclusion is that this works but you must always use it as part of your routine to see the results.

This works very well on your lighter stretch marks(the ones that don’t have deep dark purple in them) and you should start to see results actually pretty fast within the first week or 2. When you apply the oil it will make the mark itself appear more prominent(think body builder applying oil to show off muscle) so don’t be scared that it is making it worse it is just dampening it. If like me you suffer from stretch marks on your upper arms that are the lighter ones this is a good oil for that but this did not work well for my dark stretch marks around my belly. Overall I would recommend this and this bottle is SUPER long lasting. After 2 months of twice daily use(I forgot some mornings) my bottle is still more than half full. So for 14 dollars this is a pretty good deal. You can also use this for cuticles and other things but I primarily used on my stretch marks. I received this item for free in exchange for my honest review. Amazon Link