NikkiReviewsItRating 5 out of 5!!: LOVE THIS PRODUCT!

Right now you can get this set of resistance bands for 19 dollars it was 27 dollars at the time of my purchase. At either price I would highly recommend these but at 19 dollars this is an absolutely phenomenal deal. You get 5 different weight bands that give an extremely intense workout, 2 foam handles, weighted door stopper, ankle strap and a bag to store it all in. These bands are amazing quality and extremely stretchy I absolutely love them. Best of all they are very easy to clip and un-clip from the carabiner hooks and the door weight is very easy to use even with a crappy quality door like I have. I was actually afraid these bands were going to rip the bottom of my door because my door is really bad quality but surprisingly it didn’t so an added bonus for me!

This comes with 2 handles which means you can use them under your feet as seen in one of the stock photos or you can use just one handle and use them under the door(the way I prefer). You can do an extremely large variety of exercises with these all with minimal space which is why these should be an added staple to anyone’s fitness routine. I consider myself a beginner although I do practice kettle-belling and rebounding a lot but even for me these were very easy to use. I especially love these for my triceps(a very weak muscle group of mine that need all the help they can get) and since I do not have access to a gym anywhere within 30 miles of me this is a godsend.

You will not regret these bands and best of all because you use the handles you do not get the latex smell all over your body like when I used closed looped bands. I much prefer these to closed loop. The weight amount is labeled on each band at one end so I suggest you use that end near you for quick adjusting and the other end under the door it will make your life easier to see quickly which ones to take off or add. If you only have 15 minutes to do a quick strength training session this is what you want. A great price, great quality, space saving and very easy to use. It all comes in a box too making it easy to gift. I received this item for free in exchange for my fair and honest review. Amazon Link