NikkiReviewsItRating 2 out of 5:

This plastic foot roller is actually a pretty strong plastic and for the most part fairly well made. However I do have an issue with one particular massager ball(out of 10) that just keeps coming loose. It is easy to pop back in but at 25 dollars(price at time of purchase) there should be absolutely no issues like that. Also another one of the massager balls keeps coming apart it can just be pressed back together but the blue sides are coming off the yellow and this is with just 2 weeks of use so I am anticipating this item not holding up well but will leave that tentatively for now.

When I first got this I thought I was really going to like it. It is a simple color pattern and fairly compact so I can easily put it under my desk when working and use. The balls are nice but the part I really enjoy is the little white spikey area on the sides. It really allows me to press my feet down and get a deeper massage(feet are my biggest pain area). The product itself in terms of massaging is pretty good but the quality needs some work especially at this price range. Also the company logo is just a cheap sticker on the item not that logos matter to me but at 25 dollars they could at least get it painted on. I received this item for free in exchange for my honest review. Amazon link