NikkiReviewsItRating 2 out of 5:

I had high hopes for this mirror since my last BathBuddy product was simply amazing but unfortunately there are always hits and misses. This mirror is very thick and sturdy and I actually dropped it twice with no damage. But like all shower mirrors this starts off fog free then during the shower it gets fogged up after around 5-7 minutes. I tried warming it under the water and not and still the same outcome. Actually the first 3 times I used this it stayed fog free but had really bad water droplets instead of fog but I was okay with that and thought I was going to give it a 4 star review but nope I guess whatever protective coating was on the glass or residue from the film you remove was stopping it from fogging.

Another issue is that the rope it comes with is extremely sturdy and very well made but so very short. If you have a place you want to hang it that is the right height it is perfect but they show in the stock photo someone outside with it hanging on a tree well in real life application that will never happen. You will never magically find a tree branch that is thin enough and the exact right height to fit the small rope of course you can remedy that by adding your own rope so it is not that serious but at a 14 dollar price point(price at time of purchase) it should have an adjustable rope.

Also this mirror is small in fact it was much smaller than I expected which could be okay but if you are like me and extremely nearsighted I have to get right into the mirror to see my face to remove make-up and what not and I really prefer a larger area to work. I have yet to find a really fog free mirror. I received this item for free in exchange for my honest review. Product Link