NikkiReviewsItRating 4 out of 5:

I was recently given a Manuka all natural lemongrass bar of soap to try and if you like lemongrass then this is definitely for you. It has a strong scent of lemongrass during use that leaves a nice lighter scent on your body when you are done showering. The bar itself is very long lasting provided you keep it in a close-able soap dish. I enjoy using it on my face more than my body not because the soap is bad but because the soap is all natural and has a tendency to get stuck on my body when covering larger areas so sometimes I would start washing and it would get stuck and fall off to the floor 😦 Now if you like to bathe with a washcloth instead of using the bar directly then you will have no problems and you will get a nice lather and clean with a lighter lemongrass scent.

This is a Canadian product that is available to the USA just takes up to 8 days to ship. This large bar of soap is currently retailing at C3.99 which is roughly 3 USD. Not a bad deal and you get a pretty large bar for that price. I plan on ordering the lavender and oatmeal next 🙂 Product Link