NikkiReviewsItRating 4 out of 5:

I think these are pretty decent tweezers and at 13 dollars (price at time of purchase) they are definitely better than what I can get at walmart for the same. This comes with 3 different precision head tweezers I use the gold one for my eyebrows and the silver really pointy one for my ingrown hairs. I suffer from hirsutism which is male pattern hair growth in women which means that I have alot of coarse, unwanted hair in unwanted areas so we go through a lot of tweezers. Normally I go to walmart and buy 1 revlon tweezer for what this set of 3 costs and they are the same quality. This one even comes with a pouch to store them in which my husband loved since I lose them all the time.

The pouch itself is not the best quality and mine has cat teeth marks all over it now(dang cats!) but it holds them fine and keeps them from getting unwanted rust. I did notice on one of the tweezers it had what I thought was rust at first but upon closer inspection it almost looks like oil near the tip on the inside I think it may just be some of the colored paint wearing off showing steel underneath. I have been using these quite a bit and I think they perform just as well as a store-brand/regular brand (think revlon/Trim). I don’t notice hair breaking off when being removed and these feel just the same as any other(painful when removing =P). You wont find much better for 3 tweezers at 13 dollars. I received this item for free in exchange for my honest review. Product Link