NikkiReviewsItRating 4.5 out of 5:

Ladies and gentlemen I am proud to present you a coupon code for $5 dollars off this purchase! JECZIYB6 can be used here Black Amber Candles (if the code stops working or the link provided please leave a comment below so I can fix asap) This code brings the cost per candle down to 96 cents each!

These candles are absolutely beautiful and chic and I really love having them added to my home decor. On top of that you get a whole box of 24 for $27 dollars making them $1.13 each but they are very nice quality! These are hand poured in the USA and then set in a very nice box that has wax paper inside to protect the candles. These have a nice black amber scent and they can burn for a very long time!

If you leave these out in the open to burn without a votive they burn for about 2 hours which is really short but if you place them in a small votive the size of the candle it can easily burn for more than 18 hours and they are only advertised at lasting for 10-12 hours! I have been burning this one next to me for 2 days non stop(except when sleeping) and it is still more than half full. The candle scent could be a bit stronger and that is the only reason I am taking off half a star. The flame when burning is not absurdly high like my walmart brand candles(which always terrifies me!) and I love that this candle burns nice and evenly even when not in a votive!

These candles would really make a nice gift for a house-warming party but they smell so lovely I would even use them for baby showers/receptions anything really! Overall these are a great price for how many you get, smell delightful and very long lasting! You wont regret them 🙂 I received this item for free in exchange for my honest review.