NikkiReviewsItRating 5 out of 5:
Wow just wow you get a lot of stuff for 17 dollars in this set! If you have never tried dry brushing before you need to know a few things. At first it is a little painful to dry brush and it is better to start off very slow and gentle the first week or so of starting dry brushing. The best way to dry brush(for me) is to stand in the shower or bathtub and start near your feet and move in circular motions ultimately finishing at your face area. The reason I prefer to do it in the shower or tub is because once you start getting use to dry brushing you will see dead skin start to slough off your body and onto your brush and you don’t want that all over your house =P. You should start to see noticeably smoother skin after a week but at most 2 of twice daily use(morning and night).

This set is really a fantastic deal at 17 dollars. A dry brush alone at the walmart near me is 12 dollars and that is for one low quality brush! This set comes with a konjac sponge which I pay 8 dollars for alone! and it comes with a back exfoliating scrubber that I can use dry or wet and a massage brush head. The handle on this set slides into either head(massage or brush) and sticks pretty well although one time when I used it the brush head came off during use but that was probably operator error since it hasn’t happened since in more than 14 uses. Now personally I can use this set dry or wet although dry brushing is supposed to be done dry =P and these are easy to wash I just use a mild soap and clean the bristles then hang it to dry. I do however recommend that you do not share any of the pieces except the massage head with other family members just for sanitary reasons.

The wood is very sturdy, the back exfoliating scrubber is very strong and fairly easy to grab on both sides of your back and the konjac sponge is the exact same quality as the same ones I buy individually and it came individually wrapped. The massager head is also nice quality but I don’t really feel massaged after use but that is just a personal issue not really a product one since I don’t usually have a nice relaxed feeling from back massagers anyways. The only thing I did not like about this set is the little hemp type string material wrapped around the brush that is suppose to help you grip it better. I don’t like that type of material so to combat that issue I just wet the handle thoroughly and it soaks it nice so it doesn’t feel all scratchy. This set even comes in a beautiful box perfect for gifting and it has a storage bag for all your accessories! I highly recommend this set and it is 3 dollars cheaper than my other one that only has 2 pieces! I received this item for free in exchange for my honest review. Product Link