NikkiReviewsItRating 4 out of 5: RE-reviewed

UPDATE 2 07/19/2016: Heka living has sent me a replacement for the original defective humidifier and it works very well. I am convinced the first one was just a dud because this one runs much better and completely quiet. I am giving this a rating of 4 because I do wish it had an option to run continuously where right now you can only run it a max of 3 hours. You can reset it to keep running but every 3 hours it will shut off. This has a very large basin and it really produces a very thick steady mist that I love. If I run this all day when awake I have to fill it once because it is just so strong! I really love this and I am so thankful Heka Living sent me a replacement! Also their customer service was top notch. I told them the first one did not work and they replied the same day and shipped a replacement at their expense to me in 3 business days 🙂 Original review and update are below.

UPDATE1 07/01/2016: DO NOT PURCHASE after 2 days of continued use this diffuser has started making a very annoying LOUD constant noise coming from the fan area underneath it. Also the mist feature no longer works and it only operates on one continuous mist. I have left my original review below but added this warning.

This oil diffuser has some awesome features and the clock is really my favorite! I also like that compared to my other it has 4 different mist timers instead of just 2 and it has different levels of brightness for the light. The water reservoir is actually really large and doesn’t need to be filled often and the auto off safety feature is a nice touch. The plastic that it is made of is fairly sturdy but still a little flexible to the touch. However this one does not fill the room with my aroma as fast as my smaller diffuser and I cannot get the lid to lock so I am not sure it has a locking feature. Although when I first opened the lid off it was pretty snug on there but now it is just sitting on there I have tried everything. I received this item for free or heavily discounted in exchange for my fair and honest review. Product Link