NikkiReviewsItRating 5 out of 5:

I really love this camping lamp that I got for my husband. This thing is high quality and you can tell just by the box that it came in that a lot of care goes into making this. The lamp itself is a very durable plastic shell and it comes with 3 heavy duty magnets that work flawlessly. It also comes with a clip that has a good opening size and a handle string that is also very durable and feels like a heavy duty nylon cord. This comes with the charger and adapter making it easy to charge with usb or outlets. These are military grade materials making them perfect for camping in rugged conditions like heavy rain. My husband really liked this but I think I liked it even more! The on/off switch is very reactive and it has 4 lighting modes so you can choose dim or heavy light and a flashing beacon type light. Perhaps the best feature beside the awesome quality is the portable power bank built in so you can easily charge your devices without having to carry around multiple things or in an emergency situation when the cell battery runs out here you can charge it! Also this light can get very bright making it exceptional for the outdoorsman. I highly recommend this light to any outdoor sportsman you will not regret this purchase. I received this item for free or heavily discounted in exchange for my fair and honest review. Product Link