NikkiReviewsItRating 5 out of 5: Word of caution someone said in another review that they used this with their grill and keurig and it damaged both devices. I have been using this everyday all day for 3 weeks with no issue but I use it as advertised for a charging station. I use light appliances with it also with no issue including a humidifier, oil diffuser and desk fan.

This is a very nice outlet set that comes with 3 travel adapters perfect for the busy traveler. This is an off-white more cream color adapter than what I was expecting but I am not going to have it where people can see it so that didn’t matter enough to take a star off but I do wish I had gotten black instead. I love that this has 4 usb ports on the side that you can control with an off switch as well making it perfect for the very busy person that needs to charge multiple devices. I have tons of items I charge everyday including a cellphone, tablet, ipod and headsets so having 4 ports and 2 outlets on top is phenomenal and such a life saver. This is extremely easy to use just plug into the wall and voila ready to go. There are 2 on/off switches on the adapter one that controls the 2 sockets at the top and one for the usb ports. It works perfectly and the on/off switch reads instantly. This is a great set at the 30 dollar price point and the quality is very nice. The cable is very strong and thick and the metal prongs on the outlets are very sturdy. I highly recommend this to the traveler or anyone that needs the additional ports! I received this item for free or heavily discounted in exchange for my fair and honest review. Product Link