NikkiReviewsItRating 3 out of 5:

This food grade silicone set is pretty nice and I have been using it every day since it arrived 2 weeks ago. The coasters are just like pictured with a criss cross pattern on one side and a dot/circle pattern on the other and they fit nicely into the coaster holder and are very convenient to keep around the desk. The thing I like the most of course is the circle ice cube maker but it has a con. The first time I used the ice tray my balls came out missing the top part but I have figured out what I need to do and really it is too much work for just 4 little balls but they are cute so I do it everyday.

When you first get this wash it with soap and water it is very easy to clean then rinse it and get ready to fill. You have to attach the 2 pieces together and then fill the balls from the top little opening however there is no connecting piece to keep the top and bottom together at the seams and water will escape ruining your balls. So what I have to do is overfill the darn thing and I mean it has to be overflowing with water from the top and that is the only way I can get the balls to form correctly. This is a real pain in the butt because you will have tons of stuck on ice on the edges that you have to remove before you can get to the balls. If they considered adding a latch that stops the water from escaping on the sides this would be much more practical. I received this item for free or heavily discounted in exchange for my fair and honest review. Product Link