NikkiReviewsItRating 2.5 out of 5:

This is a nice set of 2 thermal lunch boxes and they do feel very high quality when you receive them. My initial impression was wow I am going to love these but that fades when reading the instructions. First off in order to use these you are suppose to put them in hot water for warm foods or cold water for cold foods to set the thermalware temperature. Okay that seems fine waste 5 mins letting this sit in water but it is not as practical as it seems because it says right in the instructions that you can not immerse this in water. So you would have to actively watch it for 5mins or fill something else up with the right temperature and amount of water to set this in to get it ready to use.

Secondly it only keeps food warm for a max of 4 hours what kind of nonsense is that. I don’t know about you but if you go to work at say 8 am and take lunch at noon yeah that is 4 hours okay no problem but most of us have commutes to do and we don’t pack our lunch and then eat within a 4 hour time span it is just unlikely. Okay so you think well I can microwave it and it will be okay yes that is true for the big one but I would never in a million years microwave the small one it has a metal like lining and well most of us know the dangers of putting metal in a microwave yes it may be safe since it has a nice lid but are you willing to risk company property just to warm your food? Now for cold food I really love this set. I am a huge fruit and salad lover and this is absolutely wonderful for me to pack a fruit salad and garden salad with absolutely no issue. It keeps my fruit and vegetables just as fresh and crisp as when I put them in and they are still pretty cold when I go to eat. Overall I would recommend these to the cold food lover but not for warm foods. I received this item for free or heavily discounted in exchange for my fair and honest review. Product Link