NikkiReviewsItRating 3 out of 5: Price too high

This essential oil is the most beautifully presented oil I have ever seen and it would make a fantastic gift for any oil lover in your life. This oil is made with menthol that is really good for my foot pain that I get on the arches of my feet and it has something called balsam peru oil in it. Well I didn’t know much about that since I am not a huge homeopathy person so I did a little research and man does it have a ton of uses and benefits. I suffer from asthma(for more than 21 years) and I frequently get phlegm in my lungs and you can just burn this oil with a candle warmer and it helps to loosen up that congestion making it easier to breathe. I am not suggesting this in any way shape or form over your doctors opinion or medication but as an added step to your care routine it is nice to have.

I really enjoy directly applying this to my feet and it does help with the pain I experience but it is not an instant reaction it takes about 30 minutes before I start to feel relief which is a little disappointing because when I spray tea tree oil on my feet I can feel instant relief. Also this oil has a very potent smell and to me it is almost like a scented pine sol and the smell does linger when you use it. I do like that this oil goes on clear and absorbs pretty fast but of course as with most oils it will feel slick to the touch in the area you applied it for a while. My husband did not like this oil he suffers from back pain and I used this on him and he said it made the pain worse but I have been using this much more regularly than him and I have had no issues. I do think the 40 dollar price range is a bit high but this oil is so beautifully packaged I can almost forgive that. I received this item for free or heavily discounted in exchange for my fair and honest review. Product Link