NikkiReviewsItRating 4 out of 5:

These cable clips are the same as a previous review I did for Cable Clips – ONME 6 Pcs Multipurpose Cable Clips except this was a 2 pack of 6 each giving me 12 total and it had an added color option of brown. These clips are pretty handy to have around especially if you are extremely unorganized like me =P. I can easily fit 3 cables inside one clip and they stick on easily and stay on! These are sturdy but fairly soft to the touch I just wish the brown was a bit darker to match the exact color of my desk. If you have never used a cable clip before they are fantastic for moving your cords out of the way like your charging cables for phones/tablets and the like. I also do a lot of computer work so I use headsets and microphones and all kinds of tech gadgets so I have way more cords than usb ports and these clips help me keep them off the floor. I just put the cord in and when not in use I take it out of the usb port and it just hangs nicely without falling out of the clip and when I am done I just plug it back in all the while still inside the clip. Right now the price point for these is 9 dollars for 12 which is very reasonable but it says they are on sale and the regular price is 24 dollars and well I would never pay that much for a set of cable clips. I received this item for free or heavily discounted in exchange for my fair and honest review. Product Link