NikkiReviewsItRating 5 out of 5: LOVE THIS PRODUCT!!!!!

Ladies and gentlemen this is the LED flashy mechanical keyboard you are looking for and at this price range it does not get much better. I was previously using a Steel Series keyboard and the lettering was wearing off because I am a very hardcore gamer clocking in more than 12 hours of play time a day 6 days a week(house wife with no kids). I was in the market for a new keyboard and when AllEasy gave me the option to test this one for them I jumped at the opportunity. This keyboard is smaller than your normal gaming keyboard making it fit on my desk easier which I love and the keys are all easy for me to reach(woman for reference) which I sometimes have a hard time reaching important keys for gaming because my reach is smaller than a mans. This keyboard is high quality and super flashy I cannot believe how many color combinations this has!

The LEDs are very vibrant and the keys are extremely sturdy. If you have never used a mechanical keyboard before you need to know they are very noisy and this one is no different but they are the cream of the crop for gamers and all serious gamers will usually opt for a mechanical keyboard. This keyboard features removable keys for easy cleaning and the wrist rest is also removable which is a very nice feature as my old keyboard had a permanent wrist rest. This keyboard is usb 2.0 which I do wish was 3.0 but either way the speed of detection of key presses is still extremely fast which is very important for gaming. The cable to the keyboard is a very nice quality rubberized cable which is also a nice addition where some keyboards can have that fabric type cable that frays and eventually leads to sub par performance. For this price range you will be hard pressed to find better than this AllEasy LED mechanical. AllEasy was also nice enough to include instructions on how to change colors and displays as well as a few convenient features like volume up and down, calculator open, email open, browser open and more. The only thing this keyboard lacks is macro keys but either way I am very impressed and would recommend this to anyone including fellow gamers, friends and family. This comes in a nice box perfect for gifting as well. I received this item for free or heavily discounted in exchange for my fair and honest review. Product Link