NikkiReviewsItRating 4 out of 5: Price

These cable clips are compact and easy to stick on surfaces but they can be hard to remove and restick if you position wrong so try to get it right the first time =P. I actually use these on the side of my pc(I am a hard core gamer for reference and I actively use all 6 usb ports all the time) and I hang the cords through these so I can switch between needed ports with ease for a variety of usb products I use. The cable stays in the clip and is easy to pull through with no snagging. The clip itself is a pretty durable rubber feeling and sticks with no issues and shows no sign of falling off. These clips are a little bigger than a quarter and the black makes it really easy to blend in without looking out of place. I am giving this 4 stars because I think the price range is a bit high for this. I received this item for free or heavily discounted in exchange for my fair and honest review. product Link