NikkiReviewsItRating 5 out of 5: Price is high be aware.

This is the expandable hose you have been looking for. This is my second hose product from Raaya and they have yet to let me down. This hose worked perfectly right out of the box and had no issues like my last brand I tried. This was easy to connect to the spout and the connectors are made of a heavy duty metal instead of cheap plastic like some. The sprayer has a lot of different pressure levels and was very easy to use. You can easily go from watering your lawn with a light mist to washing your car with a heavy stream and everything in between. This hose started off small you turn on the water and it fills up the hose right away expanding to max length. When you are done you turn off the water at the spout and then press the sprayer to get all the water out of the hose and it shrinks during this process back to original size all with ease! It took about 1 minute to get all the water out and get back down to original size.

This hose also comes with a nice lock at the sprayer size to stop water from constantly running which is a very nice touch. It also comes with a hose hanger for storage but I did not use that since my neighbors like to take my stuff =P. The color of this hose is also very nice it is a royal blue instead of the usual dull green you always see on most of the expandable hoses. This hose had no leakage at any connectors and provided a strong steady stream of water at any pressure level I chose. I highly recommend this hose to any garden lover as a gift or to get yourself. This comes in a nice box making it easy to gift as well. I received this item for free or heavily discounted in exchange for my fair and honest review. Product Link