NikkiReviewsItRating 5 out of 5:

This is a fantastic gooseneck adjustable led light. This thing is compact and clips onto a variety of surfaces and lasts on average about 6 hours with both lights on at full brightness. You can adjust the level of light with 2 different settings and the necks are fully bendable. This comes with a usb charger which is super convenient. I actually keep this clipped onto my desk and use it when I paint my nails and to see underneath where my gaming pc is set up so I can see when plugging in usb devices and my dog keeps a bed under there. I have tried this on books it holds no problem and it stays on the side of my desk with ease. However I tried this at first on the outside edge of my desk and it would not stay there I think the lip was too small but it works perfect where the drawer is so be aware if you want to put it on something with a small attachment area it may not fit.

I love that does not get hot to the touch at all. I can leave it on the full battery length and the light never gets hot making it safe to leave on if you forget. It is also 2 separate lights so if you are trying to work on something and need to see 2 different angles this is fantastic! I highly recommend this to anyone so if you have some people to gift stuff too this is the item to get. Be wary of price ranges though when I purchased this it was in the 15 dollar range and I soon saw it at the 50 dollar range I am not sure I would pay 50 for this but less than 20 and this is a surefire steal! I received this item for free or heavily discounted in exchange for my fair and honest review. Product Link