NikkiReviewsItRating 4 out of 5:

I am a huge Majestic Pure fan and I own more than 10 products from them and this is another addition that I love. They make quality products and this one is 100% natural and triple extra virgin. If you don’t know the benefits of sweet almond oil it is amazing for hair and nails keeping them nourished with once or twice a day applications. It is also great for dry skin and eczema as well as under eye circles. It nourishes very well but it is an oil so it does feel oily when you use so make sure you use it where needed and not everywhere all at once 🙂 This oil has a very light almost unnoticeable scent and glides on smoothly. It can take a while to absorb like most oils so be aware. If you are in the market for a new almond oil this is the one to get and this bottle will last a long time probably upwards of 3 months if used daily. I received this item for free or heavily discounted in exchange for my fair and honest review. Product Link