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This review is for 2 different generic filters used to replace name brand filters for the Drinkwell 360 fountain for pets.

I have 3 pets (a dog and 2 cats) and they drink a full fountains worth of water a day. So needless to say I go through a lot of filters for my drinkwell fountain. Normally you replace the filters once a month but I usually have to replace every 2 weeks and it was getting really pricey so I decided to shop around for a better deal. While shopping on amazon (my go to store for most things) I came across generic replacements for my name brand filters I was using. Of course like most pet owners I am very careful of the things I put in my pet’s body so I read up on the reviews and they seemed pretty solid so I decided to give it a try.

The first generic filter I received was the inside fountain filter and it was from a company called Generic (I know lol). It arrived on time(2 day shipping) and it was shipped in a box but the items themselves were in a sealed plastic bag. There are 12 filters for only 14 dollars when I was paying around 9 dollars for just 2!!! That is 6 times more for less than double the cost. The filters fit perfect and needed nothing different than the other filters. You just take it out of the bag run it under water and toss it in the fountain and voila! ready to go. Product Link 81FQaT525DL._SL1500_

The next filter I received was the inside charcoal filter for the fountain and it was made by a company called Pet Standard.  This filter arrived in a box and it was a set of 10 for 13 dollars! I was paying 9 dollars for 3 before finding this generic replacement. The only difference between this off brand filter and the name brand is that you have to run it under water a little longer before placing in the fountain to make sure you get all the run off charcoal off the filter (you have to do with name brand as well). So what I did was let it run under water for 10 minutes while I cleaned the fountain and then it was good to go. I put the fountain back together and filled it up and the water ran crystal clear just like normal. I highly recommend these filters to any drinkwell 360 owner it will save you money that you can use to spoil yourself or your little furry loved ones! Product Link