NikkiReviewsItRating 3.5 out of 5: price too high

Okay first things first this mouse arrived in very nice packaging that would be ideal for gifting and the mouse itself is pretty flashy. It has pretty nice lighting effects with 7 colors to choose from blue, light blue, yellow, red, purple, white and green. At first glance it appears to be made pretty well but when you actually start using it you see the flaws. The bottom has 4 metal plates that you would think make it glide better but I use a rocketfish gaming mouse that allows me to choose between speed or control and the plates are actually somewhat of a hindrance. The mouse feels very nice in my hand (I’m a woman with smaller hands so this is important to me) and I can reach all the buttons with ease however after about 30 minutes of use I can tell that the mouse is made of a cheaper plastic compared to my logitech G600. The bloody mouse does have a nice rubber grip on the top that I like but my husband says it will wear off in less than 3 months but I cannot say for sure since we just got it.

When you get this mouse it does not install all the software right away you actually have to go the website to download 2 different programs and they even have a locked core to the mouse that you have to pay for and that really angers me. The features for the free software are pretty nice allowing you to adjust key press speeds and try out the different cores they offer and overall I think it’s a nice back up mouse to have but I will continue to use my Logitech until it dies because I really like the convenience of 12 side buttons instead of just 2 like the bloody has. Overall I would pass on this if you find something else you like in a more trusted brand in the same price range. I received this item highly discounted in exchange for my fair and honest review. Product Link