NikkiReviewsItRating 4 out of 5:

So my cat threw up this morning and I thought hey what a great time to try this new product. So following the directions I cleaned up the debris and then sprayed this down on the stain and gently rubbed it with a carpet cleaning brush and then blotted the stain. I waited til the area was dry then vacuumed it up and the stain was indeed gone. The one con is that it is not organic so I have to actively watch and make sure the pets don’t go near it which pet owners know can be a hassle to do. I really liked that this product did not require vigorous scrubbing because we all know scrubbing pet stains can push the smells/bacteria farther into the carpet requiring professional cleaning later on down the road or even carpet replacement. This idea is really neat that it traps the stain and you just vacuum it up and I had not seen that used before in a cleaner. This product did indeed clean up the mess so I would recommend it just make sure to keep an eye on small children and animals when using. I received this product for free or heavily discounted in exchange for my fair and honest review. Product link