NikkiReviewsItRating 3.5 out of 5: Price too high found a better competitor brand L’Oreal new clay masks

This was my first ever mud mask and I have to say I had a blast putting it on and it looked hilarious. When you open the container you will see that this mask is very thick and the directions say to apply it thickly on your face but I recommend applying it thinner than you think you should. The first time I used it I applied it thick and it did not come off as easy as the directions say it should so on my second use I applied it much thinner and it came off so much smoother. You put this mask on then literally wait just 5 minutes and its dry and ready to come off and to remove it you just move your finger in a circular motion and it comes right off! I could not believe how easy to use this product was or how much I enjoyed it. When the mask came off my skin felt a little tighter right away and it looked brighter so then I took a shower following my regular regime and when I got out I noticed my facial skin was SOOO much smoother. I followed the directions and after my shower I applied my favorite moisturizer and I have no complaints. Also the expiration date is TWO YEARS from the date I received it that is amazing this one jar should last quite a while even if used twice a week!

Just an aside I read some other reviews on amazon and quite a few people with sensitive skin commented that they broke out in rashes from this product but I did not. I too have sensitive skin and have developed eczema in the last year and I had no negative reaction whatsoever to this product. I just want you sensitive skin readers to know a possibility. I received this product for free or heavily discounted in exchange for my fair and honest review. Product Link